Reduce Costs With an Energy Monitor

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Reduce Costs With an Energy Monitor

One of the major items in every household's budget is the cost to provide electricity for the home. Especially in hot summer months and cold winter months, people can spend hundreds of dollars per month on energy.
One easy way to reduce energy bills is to install an energy monitor. There are two types of energy monitors. A total consumption energy monitor, or power monitor, attaches to the household's electrical panel or electric meter and measures the total energy used by the household.
Another type of energy monitor (sometimes called a Smart Plug or Smart Power Strip) measures the power used by an individual appliance. This type of monitor is much cheaper than a total consumption energy monitor, and can be attached to the appliances that the homeowner thinks use the most electricity. It also can be used to monitor how much energy appliances that are always left on (DVD players, alarm clocks, cable boxes, etc.) use.
Although many power companies, through energy watch programs, will conduct a household energy audit and tell the homeowner how they can conserve electricity, a monitor helps measure progress over time. It is estimated that a household can save between 4% and 15% on their monthly power bill, simply by installing an energy monitor.



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