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Energy Consultants Think Outside the Box

As green and alternate fuel technology grows, a niche has developed for job seekers willing to think outside the box. A Ă¢â‚¬Å“greenĂ¢â‚¬ï¿½ field of opportunity has opened in both the private and public sector for certified energy consultants.

Energy consultants combine the finesse of a salesperson with the education of college grad. That degree in engineering, geology, or environmental studies can catapult you into this exciting area. Even an economics degree comes in handy as cost breakdowns and expenditures need to be analyzed. Whether working for a firm, freelancing on your own, or working for the Federal, State, or city municipalities, energy advice remains in demand.

Qualifiers must be analytical and willing to research. People skills are required since energy consultants must be able to break down a complex analysis in a way that holds the interest of the client thus spurring him on to action. The salary for such a broad field of opportunity varies greatly. Of course, the more education one has, the higher the income becomes. Generally speaking, a sales rep/energy consultant with one to four years of experience can make anywhere from $41,950 to $73,460 states More experienced energy consultants who have also specialized can expect to make from $87,197 to $134,921 a year, according to

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