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Electric Heating

With winter time coming in most of the United States everyone is starting to prepare for those large electric heating bills once again this year but there are a few tips to help you save some of that energy cost. In a survey taken last year many individuals were put to the test to try to reduce their electric use by 100kw or more and they did so by doing some very simple procedures. The most popular one was unplugging everything that you do not use including the toaster, extra clocks, the microwave, computer, television and DVD players when they when it is not in use. If you also watch what light you have on and if you truly need them on or not. One last thing that consumers did was to drop the thermostat on their heat pumps by 2 degrees, that was a huge saver with their electric bill.

The average kilowatt savings on each consumer that participated in this survey and followed the procedures above was 110kw and had a dollar savings of between $25 and $45 depending on where they were located.

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