Garage Door Insulation Tips

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Garage Door Insulation Tips

You might ask yourself why bother taking the time to add garage door insulation to my long list of things to do? Garages are just used for storage of junk you don’t use anymore and to keep our cars safe, right? In fact, there are several benefits to garage door insulation, similar to those gained by installing efficient windows in your home.

Garage door insulation will cut energy costs for your home – keeping the air warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Garage door insulation also reduces moisture, fends of bug infestation, and lessens inside noise from work being done in that space. Finally, garage door insulation extends the life of your garage door – by protecting the mechanics from the elements and providing a barrier from the drastic swings in temperature that can weaken the door itself.

There are several great garage door insulation kits available in the market (check out any local home improvement store) ranging from products using foam sheathing or reflective foil. Easy to install and well worth the time it takes.



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