Radiant Insulation Tips

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Radiant Insulation Tips

Energy efficient heating is a must is these tough economic times. One of the best ways to save is the use of radiant insulation. Radiant insulation is installed on the inside of your roof, and blocks the heat that would otherwise make it into your home. In colder climates it can be used for the opposite, by preventing heat from escaping.

The following tips will help you get the most from your radiant insulation.

1. For the most energy efficient heating, be sure to have your radiant insulation installed by a professional.

2. To keep condensation levels low, use perforated insulation if it is to be installed on the floor of your attic. If moisture is not allowed to escape mold could occur.

3. Radiant insulation conducts electricity extremely well, so be sure it is clear from areas that contain electrical outlets and wires.

4. Though it can be installed on the floor, dust can cause radiant insulation to lose it's effectiveness. Installation between the rafters of the roof is preferred.

5. The reflective surface should always face out into the air space. It will not be able to serve it's purpose otherwise.

Radiant insulation is a smart choice for anyone that wants their home kept at a comfortable temperature, with the added benefit of reduced energy costs.



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