Save Energy=Conserve and Turn Off

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Save Energy=Conserve and Turn Off

Learn to conserve and save money. Everyone wants to save energy, which also translates into saving money. Each fall we use gas energy to heat and power our homes. Learn what to turn off and how to conserve.

Dress appropriately for hot or cold conditions in your home. Wear extra sweaters and use a cozy throw blanket. Open drapes on the sunny side of each room to heat rooms naturally and save energy. Rearrange furniture in individual rooms to take advantage of sunshine during the winter.

Add extra insulation in walls to keep warm air inside. Save gas energy by replacing old gas appliances with new Energy Star rated appliances including refrigerators, heaters, ranges, water heaters and freezers. Install drapes with heavy-duty linings to keep heat inside and cold outside.

Set water heater thermostats to the lowest settings to conserve gas energy. High temperature settings on a dishwasher may not be necessary. Fast showers save money on propane gas. Every time you open the oven to check food, 20 percent of the heat is lost.

Turn off or unplug power-draining equipment for extended periods of time, especially PCs, printers and fax machines. Setup computers with easy to use programs for engaging sleep modes on each computer and save power. You can save energy and money every day by using a few of these simple suggestions.



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