What is a radiant barrier?

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What is a radiant barrier?

A radiant barrier, also known as reflective insulation, is a reflective barrier that can help cut heating costs in your home. Radiant barriers are easier to install than other types of insulation, making it an attractive option for homeowners looking to cut heating costs.

Radiant insulation cuts down on the amount of heat flow throughout an airspace. It's typically made out of aluminum, and can be installed with simple tools such as scissors, a staple gun, foil tape and a tape measure. There is no need for masks or gloves, unlike traditional fiberglass insulation.

A radiant barrier works very well with other types of insulation. It is resistant to mildew and condensation, and the reflective nature of the surface is unattractive to birds.

Places to incorporate a radiant barrier in your home:


Under rafters

Inside stud walls

On side walls

A radiant barrier is safe for kids and pets, due to the material being safe and non-toxic. In addition to potentially lowering heating costs, radiant barriers also help lower cooling costs in the summer, making it an attractive investment for the future of your home.



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