Combat Your Energy Suppliers and Win

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Combat Your Energy Suppliers and Win

If you feel the same way I do, your energy suppliers are viewed as the enemy. Yes, we all have to have them to power our lives, our computers and keep the lights on at night. But usually their bills aren’t our favorites in the mailbox every month.

There are a few quick ways that I know of out there to combat those bills to make them a little bit smaller and easier to handle. I’ll share a few of them with you quickly right here.

If it isn’t plugged in, unplug it from the wall. Computer cords. Phone and toy chargers. Nightlights. Treadmills. Unplug them unless you are using them right this very moment. They are sucking electricity out of the wall and making your electricity suppliers smile from ear to ear. Even when you aren’t using them.

Turn off ceiling fans and other lights when you aren’t in the room. Radios and televisions should also be turned off. Heck, if you aren’t in the room then turn it all off! This will help lower the bills tremendously. I’m always surprised when I see a house lit up like a beacon at night in my neighborhood. They must have stock in their electricity supplier!

Turn off the air conditioner when it’s cooler outside and open the windows! Fresh air will tumble through your home and chase out the stinky smells that build up in a closed up house. It’s good for you and your wallet. But bad for the energy suppliers and your bill. Try it. I’m sure you’ll love it.



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