Electricity Price Comparison Tip: Compare Prices Before You Move

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Electricity Price Comparison Tip: Compare Prices Before You Move

Moving can be expensive. There is the price to hire movers, the deposit or down payment and the change in the utilities to consider. Many people don't realize how living in a different location can effect their electric bill, but it does.

If you are planning on moving it is a good idea to do an electricity price comparison. Almost every electric company offers some type of rate chart on their website. Use a current or past electric bill to type in the usage numbers and soon you'll be able to come up with a rate that you can compare the current cost of electricity to the future cost of electricity. If anything in your current or future house will run on gas, make sure to run a gas rate comparison so that you get a quote for that part of the utilities.

The ability to run an electricity price comparison might not effect your decision to move. However, it can prepare you for the possible increase or decrease in what your utilities will cost you every year by having the ability to compare gas and electricity costs in your current place to your future destination.



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